Saturday, 29 March 2014

Capitalism n' Stuff

This is a post by Tristan Ryan, co-owner of this blog.

Growing up, I used to admire this lovely canopy that was across the road from my house. The mixture of pine and oak trees was beautiful and made one feel at peace when they gazed at it. The scenery within a mile of my house had a similar effect on the soul. The wildlife of East Texas redeems it from the cesspool of backwards, offensive people and backwards, offensive views.

The wood was plentiful, and it was only a matter of time until someone's greedy eyes saw the money in the trees instead of the beauty in it. It was sad to see the canopy and some of the other trees go, annoying to hear the machines early in the morning, and unpleasing to look at the desolation where the canopy once flourished. To top it all off, one of the rednecks destroying my lovely jungle decided to park his car on the edge of my family's property.

I know that they're going to replant (or so they promise), but it makes me sad nonetheless. To add on to this, the local wild hog population around my property was displaced, so they were running everywhere. On property, in front of cars, et cetera. They're rather dangerous, and displaced hogs are arguably worse.

I've compiled an imgur album of the desolation, if you'd like to see it.

Anyway, this whole thing has got me wondering if profit is always worth it. Are there moral limits to what you can do to legally get money? Is it wrong to rob a neighborhood of the beauty of nature for a pretty penny? Naturally, I'm very biased, but what do you guys from the outside think?

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

ChatWork- Wonderful tool for communications solution on cloud

ChatWork is a new communication tool which is designed to simply thecommunication task. It is developed in order to develop an effectiveway of communication between the workers. Without propercommunication a company can’t survive. Lack of effective communicationbetween co-workers will always result in losses. It is in thisscenario ChatWork have importance.
What makes ChatWork different is that unlike existing communicationsservices such as Skype, Hangout etc. it doesn’t require a specificapplication or software for communication. It can be accessed throughby browsers. This makes ChatWork more and moreefficient. 
Some of the important features of ChatWork are Group Chat, Taskmanagement, Files management and it’s available on Smart Phones.It allows the team head to communicate with his teammembers effectively and easily. Time is an important term in business,This Group Chat of ChatWork allows to save time to great extent. Italso allows to use "@' symbol to denote someone specifically like in twitter.

Task management allows the user to divide the task between teammembers and it also allows to set dates for completion of tasks, milestones etc. Once the assigned work is done it can benotified to consigned members through "DONE" button.

Then comes the file management. As it is a cloud based serviceChatWork provides a cloud space up to 5GB. This can be used to storefiles and can also be used as a backup. This allows the users toaccess their files anywhere. This is highly protected network. As it contains important information about the different clients. A shared file on cloud can be accessed by other Group Chat members.

ChatWork is having both free and paid membership. For their premiummembers ChatWork gives many additional features such as more cloudspace, more Group Chat members etc. and you can check these versions from its

Monday, 23 September 2013

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Android

In the wake of Android's announcement regarding the latest version of their operating system – Android KitKat – here are 10 of the most interesting facts about this popular mobile OS.

  • It is often assumed that Google created Android  themselves, but in reality it was really just a smart investment from the internet giants. They bought the Android start up in 2005 from the original creators Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Chris White. The purchase price was approximately $50 million and up until early this year one of the original developers, Andy Rubin, stayed involved with the project as head of Google's Android Division, a job which is now held by the head of the Google Chrome division Sundar Pichai.
  • Google chose the Android platform largely because it was developed entirely on Linux rather than Windows which is of course the brainchild of rivals – Microsoft company. Although Apple is often seen as Android's main rival, it seems Google had the foresight to realize that Microsoft would eventually move into the mobile market. Windows Phone is becoming just a rival to Android as Apple has been. However it’s a question whether it will gain such a large amount of users as those two.

  • Based on recent polls, as many as 45% of all smartphone users have chosen an Android device to become their first smartphone. Fun fact: of those who chose an iPhone, 8% will later switch to an Android device instead.     

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Awesome Tips to Speed up your Android Smartphone

One might face a lot of unexpected lags while using an android device. If the phone has become old or has been used too much, there are chances that it might become very slow and as a result give interrupting performances. One will definitely hate such type of delays. Hence some ways have been found out to avoid such delays in performance and keep the phone in proper speed. Here are some listed below:

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