Tuesday, 4 December 2012

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Play Smart To Avoid Identity Theft Online

Constant growth in the realm of mobile technology has seen a simultaneous increase and innovation in the world of computer and cell phone spying. Hence, one should always be vigilant about threats of malware and maneuverings of hackers – with major purpose of identity theft. This activity is no longer limited to computer hacking or stealing of discarded documents or bills from the trash cans. Hackers have broadened their horizons of stealing private information from a cell phone or PC through cell phone tracking or PC monitoring software.

Imagine the extent of loss if you lose your mobile phone or tablet, which falls into the hands of a wrong person with malicious intent. The person can extract your personal details and information through data saved inside your phone and wreaks havoc with your online social network accounts and email inbox by logging onto the accounts from the passwords saved in your gadget. The damage can also be in the form of monetary loss, for instance, if you have ever accessed your PayPal or Amazon account from your gadget and forgot to log out in a hurry. Hence, it is extremely necessary that you adopt certain measures – simple yet effective – to avoid cell phone tracking and PC monitoring.

1. Never save your login details

Login details of your online email, social network and bank accounts should never be saved on your gadget – mobile phone, computer or tablet. Make a habit of logging out before shutting down the website. Also, this can easily be disabled from the browser options, and would ensure that even if your device were to stumble upon a stranger’s lap, it would still take a lot of effort from the person’s part to unearth your data.

2. Do not loan your device to strangers

It is extremely difficult to avoid temptation of logging into someone else’s account. Sometimes even the most trusted ones can do silly things to break your trust. Therefore, the safest thing to do is to avoid sharing your device as much as you can, which would help you avoid unwarranted penetrations into your privacy.

3. Set passwords to enhance security

If you want to beef up the security of your device, just do a simple thing – add a password to your PC or phone to make it difficult for the intruder. Ensure the strength of your password by avoiding anything obvious, like 1234, ABCD, your name, your date of birth, or anything you’re openly passionate about.

4. Report your lost device

If you lose your device, never forget to report to the law enforcement authorities and your service provider, as soon as possible. By informing police you will secure yourself if anyone misuses your device. However, the service provider would ensure security of your identity by disabling the device, which would ensure that anyone who might find it would not be able to misuse it – hence, reducing the menace of hacking.

5. Don’t save contact details Online

There are high chances that you will be exposing your contact list by saving them online, which compromises the identity of not only yours, but your contacts as well.

Author Bio:

Natalia David, an author significantly contributes towards PC security Software, cell phone tracking and android spy. If you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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