Friday, 8 March 2013

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Debbie Schlussel Hates Muslims AND Polish people

Before I begin with, let me give this douche-bag a little introduction. She is an Conservative, Anti-Muslim (pretty anyone who isn't Jewish can become her target) blogger and Radio-Talk Show host. Or in other words, a Racist B*tch. Conservative my ass; might as well call your self a neo-nazi.

Now this isn't the first time I've blogged about Debbie but a few days prior to writing this post; I received a few interesting comments I thought I'd in a follow-up post. Here's what this guy had to say:

I've heard about Debbie Schlussel being very racist towards Polish people. When Barack Obama was apologising Poland for saying "the Polish death camps" instead of "the German Nazi death camps", she said that Obama should not apologise because he was right. What is more, she said the the Jews were killed mostly by the Polish people, not Germans! Oh really? So why Hitler was of Germanic origin? Why Polish people were saving the Jews with the risk of losing their own lives and lives of their families? Why words like "Deutschland uber alles", "Heil Hitler" or "Arbeit macht frei" are from the German language? Why Poland was completely devastated and Polish people were called "untermensch" (sub-human)? I'm just sick when this lady says "Nazis did this", "Nazis did that" and she does not mention their German origin at all, but she's talking about Poles as the ones who "helped the Nazis (of unknown origin)".

Now this lady sais that she would never like to go to Poland, because "she might get killed by these Polish animals". What was this sl-t thinking? That after what she said, we will welcome her with love??? I also know she criticised Islam. She hates Arabs (including the Palestinians) just like she hates Polish people. She is one of the most racist people that I ever seen in my life. It makes me wonder, that Jewish people don't like Poles, while they respect Germans alot, Germans whose ancestors did all these cruel things to their ancestors. A few days ago, the Polish tenis players, the RadwaƄski sisters, were called "Polish scum" and "Catholic whor-s" by the Israeli crowd during the tenis match.

No Israeli media were interested in this "incident". This Jewish agression towards Polish people happens all the time. And when a bunch of Polish stadium hooligans call the supporters of the opposite team "Jews", all the Polish people are automatically called "anti-semites" by the foreign media and their propaganda. I know there are some Jews that are nice and polite, but why is this happening with accusing the Poles who suffered EXACTLY THE SAME as Jews during the WWII? Why is this woman named Debbie Schlussel so agressive as she'd like to kill all Polish people and convince everyone else to do the same?

He goes on to list a few sources where Poles helped Jews during WW2 and risking their lives for their safety. He later says:

She hates Polish people for their struggle and that they are all still alive despite the Nazi German occupation, despite helping the Jews and risking their lives, despite the Russian Soviet regime, despite Jews hating on us nowadays. She is jealous for the strength of our nation.

She hates Arabs and all other Muslim people for the same reasons. She hates that Muslim people fight for their rights with the American and Jewish oppressors. She hates that Jews like herself can't feel save no more and if they continiue oppressing the Muslims with the help of Americans, they all will be destroyed. She once said about Osama bin Laden: "1 down, 1.8 billion more to go" meaning, that all other Muslim people should share the fate of Bin Laden! I just can't find words to describe this woman. She's a real monster. Hope she will have a chance to meet some real Polish and Arab/Muslim people, talk with them and will change her insulting views on them.

Until now she is the most racist Jew, the most racist woman and the most racist human being since Hitler that I even came across. She lies, tries to change the historical facts, insults people, hurst their feelings. My great-grandparents died for Poland, died for the freedom of their descendants, died while fighting with the Nazis! And this woman says that Poles were the Nazis! That's so unfair, pathetic and rude. Her words hurt me alot.

You said it brother, this women (more like a soul-less monster who somehow managed to encapsulate herself in the body of woman) and many more that shows what is wrong with the world. We need to be more tolerant. I'll end this post with a famous quote: 

"Make love, not war".
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