Friday, 5 April 2013

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The Most Annoying Posts on Facebook

We all loved Facebook when it started (OK, not all of us...). It was agreat way to keep in touch with all our friends -- even the ones we weren't intouch with any more. For a reason. But we loved it anyway because it meant thatwe could spy on them and secretly judge them without having to actually beinvolved in their lives in any real way. That included frienemies from college,old flames, former co-workers and grade-school chums that we were glad to findworking at a Burger King and growing bald after picking us relentlessly (Idigress...).

BUT all that schadenfreude started to turn against us when we found thatin addition to lamentations about how much it sucked to work at Burger King,that same former grade-school chum also posted cute cat video after cute catvideo. Instead of being a source of amusement, your news feed became a reasonfor you to want to poke your own eye out every day.
Besides the cat videos, here are some of the most annoying posts you arelikely to find on Facebook (even with the most stringent requirements for whoyou let on your friend's list):

"My kids just say the darnest things..."
Yeah, we know: Your little angel is just HIGH-larious! Except she's not.And we don't need to hear about every precocious observation she has made in her adorable little lisp -- carefully typed out phonetically so we get the full effect. Save it for someone who cares: Grandma.

"My lifesucks :("
Otherwise known as #smh. Or FML. Or "I tried." These are the short, cryptic, woe-is-me posts that are crying out for you to ask "What's wrong? What happened?" but they are inevitably answered with "oh nothing" or "I don't want to talk about it" Then stop posting it on Facebook and move on!

"Click' Like' If You..."
Click "like" if you love the Lord and aren't afraid to show it. Click "like" if you support autism awareness. Click "like" if you're a Southern girl. The only reason these posts exist is self-indulgent navel-gazing. I'd like to be able to click "you are ridiculous," but it's not an option.

Sometimes, these are actual status updates that someone wrote out themselves. Sometimes, they are meaningful quotes stuck on a photo -- usually of someone famous (usually of Marilyn Monroe). They say something like "I may be stupid and ugly, but gosh darn it! people like me -- or at least they should." Maybe it's more eloquent than that, but the sentiment is the same, and it's one that needs to be shared in group therapy, not the place you come to connect with people you haven't spoken a real work to in decades.

Duck Face
I don't know how this trend started -- or why any woman ever thought it was sexy in any way -- but it needs to end now and forever. Photos taken of yourself sticking out your lips need to never be shared. In fact, they shouldn't be taken in the first place. Actually, since we're on the subject,just stop taking photos of yourself period. Nothing looks more ridiculous or posed than that "Who me?" look paired up with the reflection of your self holding the camera.

Running Commentary
We get it: You're excited about the game, or the presidential debate, or the final episode of the Real Housewives. But you don't have to try to be the first one to break the news about whatever big thing happened. By the time you post, everyone already knows what happened. Your constant posts aren't funny or clever, they're only annoying.
Between the "Hey do you know that this celebrity died today?" posts and the requests for you to come play on a virtual farm, Facebook is starting to be a virtual minefield of annoying posts. You can hardly escape one before you go stumbling onto another.

These are my pet peeves on Facebook. What are yours? What are some ofthe most annoying posts you see? Share them in the comments!

(Heres one from the Owner of the site too..)

"1 like= 1 support"
I liked the the idea of this guest post so much that yours truly, Mirsub couldn't help to resist to add a little "something something" of his own. You see this all over the place, you think we're f**** dum? Yes I love Pizza, Eminem, cuddly wuddly kittens and what-not but you must be out of your mind if you think you're gonna fool me in your futile/desperate attempts for "likes". And oh, one more thing; sorry to burst your bubble but doctors don't get paid in "Likes".

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