Saturday, 4 May 2013

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The Sarabjit Conundrum: India-Pak tensions rise again

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Note: As admin, I've seen this whole drama unfold on Twitter and in the media and it's simply ludicrous. Strayed from the Punjab? Yeah, O.K.

Guest blog by Fatima Sajjad. She writes for the Tribune.

I am not a blogger or writer and never have I tried my hand at it but the Pakistan India topics are always an interesting choice to begin with! Moreover the Sarabjit Case and the false potrayal of him as 'just a farmer' has forced me to let it out.

I am not an anti-Indian but the way they have reacted to this situation and similar ones has changed my view of them. Lets start with what their very well know and learned people had to say about Pakistan, Javed Akhtar called Pakistan a 'petty establishment' after the death of Sarabjit and others termed Pakistan as an insensitive nation. I ask them,if Pakistan is a petty establishment why did they release several other prisoners convicted of terrorist activites,examples can include Gopaal Daas and Surjeet Singh who were recently pardoned and sent back home safe and sound! If Pakistan is a petty estabilishment why did our soldiers send the little Indian girl,that too with new clothes,candies etc,back to India with full safety! Also,is not India a petty estabilishment too as after the Sarabjit Incident one Pakistani prisoner was attacked by his inmates in Jammu and just by the way he has been struggling for a living as well why is this not telecasted?

Why are we still mourning Sarabjits Death who himself admitted to the 5 bomb blasts in Punjab? I am not saying the attack on Sarabjit is justified but the reaction to it was something i was appalled over! If Indian well known faces have a say and impact the way a common Indian citizen can think why dont they try to filter what they are saying and avoid spreading hate! I know a lot of Peace loving Indian citizens who are ashamed of such activites carried out by some influencial people and want stable ties with Pakistan! Their government too has managed to insult us at various ocassions but we still end up with polite gestures! An example for this could be the Indian decision of not playing cricket with Pakistan or not including our players in the Indian Premier League,i mean seriously? 

As I have mentioned ealier this is not a hate blog,I also appreciate the positive things India has done in respect to Pakistan! I just could not control my frustration anymore after looking at what our media had to say about Sarabjit and what the Indians had to say about the case! Just for a fact, a couple of days back it was the 'Youm-e-Shuhda' day,there was barely any coverage because the primary focus was on an Indian spy passing away? Also,why do we forget prisoners like Qateel Siddiqui who was killed in the Pune jail back in 2012? Was Sarabjeet any better? No. He was provided with the coverage and attention because he was an Indian!

Talking about if Sarabjeet was a spy/terrorist or not..all I can say is that a common farmer is not given such a grand farewell by the government! I wonder what that says about his 'relationship' with the country! And also,the Pakistan Army is not one of the best in the world for no reason,they are smart enough to distinguish between just a drunk farmer crossing the border and a suspicious individual!

I hope i have been able to convey my point and as i have mentioned a couple of times in this very blog,this is not a hate blog,and I do not have anything against the common Indian,my blog was directed towards the Indian influencials and to a great extent the Pakistani media! I apologize for any disrespect anyone might have felt while reading this.
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