Tuesday, 6 August 2013

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Awesome Tips to Speed up your Android Smartphone

One might face a lot of unexpected lags while using an android device. If the phone has become old or has been used too much, there are chances that it might become very slow and as a result give interrupting performances. One will definitely hate such type of delays. Hence some ways have been found out to avoid such delays in performance and keep the phone in proper speed. Here are some listed below:

Turning Off Animations:
By turning off animations, the performance of the phone gets boosted up. The phone speeds up its performance. If the animations are turned on, a lot of power is used up in it and the system finds it difficult to do multitasking. Therefore it is important that while running something new all previous activities should be stopped. Hence it is suggested that animations should be kept off. If one does not know how to turn off animations, here is the process. One simply has to go to settings, there a display option is seen, when you enter that an option named animation will appear, just click on it and select no animation, then the animation gets turned off.

Removing Widgets and Live Wallpapers:
Widgets and live wallpapers always beautify the phone and give you a feel that you are using an android phone. But the bad point is, it uses up a lot of battery and slows down the performance of the phone. Widgets take up a lot of space in the phone which can be a major cause of performance delay. Hence, even thought the phone looks good, it is suggested to keep the widgets and live wallpapers off to avoid performance delays.

Creating Space:
It is always suggested to keep free space in the phone and delete unwanted files. Freeing space accelerates the performance of the phone. Hence while storing apps one must always check the available space. Unnecessary music files, videos, messages, MMS’s should be deleted from time to time. Corrupt files must be avoided. Music files, videos, apps can take up even the last MB space in the phone. As a result the performance will get affected. Therefore keeping space in the phone is necessary to maintain a good speed of performances.

Remove Problem Giving Apps:
One can remove an application or free memory space from an app that is taking up space illegally. There are a lot of apps in the phone which we do not use at times but it is there, and such apps often give problem. Such apps must be removed. There are specially designed task killer apps in the android market to put off these problematic applications, even those can be used to detect these problem giving apps and remove them.

System Apps and Cache Removal:
Sometimes system apps and caches affect the performance off the phone. So it is necessary to clear them from time to time. To clear this, a special kind of app is available in the android market named Titanium Backup. This even helps to store data.

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